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Terms and Conditions - Medjugorje Only

Terms and Conditions for non-Medjugorje Pilgrimages

Registration and Payment:
The process of signing up for a trip is easy and just requires a reservation form, which can be submitted online or via mail, or we can take the information over the phone. We will then submit your passport name(s) and departure city and request flights. We will typically have a reservation back within 24 hours and will contact you via email (or call if necessary) with the flight details and also confirm pricing with you. You will then have 72 hours to confirm or cancel the reservation. There is no obligation to check flights.

Please double check your passport name against the name on the flight reservation as no change of names on e-tickets is permitted once they are issued. If you would like to confirm, we just need to arrange payment. Once we receive payment we will confirm your flight reservation and the land portion of your pilgrimage.

When we receive your e-tickets we will forward them on to you via email. We also include a printed copy with the backpack/nametag package we send out a few weeks before departure. Required registration information includes the passenger's full name(s) (as it appears on their US or Canadian passport), departure city, mailing address, telephone number, and email address. Our online reservation form can be found on our web site at: Email, Fax and Mail reservations are also welcome.

Forms Of Payment:
The primary form of payment is via credit card. We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover, and Amex. We also accept checks and wires. Please contact us for wire information. Credit card payments can be made online at:
Or you can call us at: 877-Web-Medj or 815-748-0410.

Checks should be made out to "Medjugorje Web Pilgrimages" and mailed to us at:

Medjugorje Web Pilgrimages
772 N Peace Road
DeKalb, IL 60115.

Special Covid-19 Terms and Conditions:

As of Oct 20, 2020, we are offering limited small group pilgrimages to Medjugorje. It is important that all potential pilgrims understand that travel during this time is especially risky. There are many factors outside of our control that could cause serious delays, cancellations, and additional costs. By booking a pilgrimage with us, you agree that Medjugorje Web, and Medjugorje Web Pilgrimages, our agents, employees, and independent contractors, will not be held liable for any accident, loss, injury, illness, damage, or costs associated with flights, delays, cancellations, quarantines, border closings, visas (if non-US passport holder), rebookings, unused accommodations and/or meals, additional hotels, meals, transfers, Covid-19 testing, documentation, or any act, omission, or event during your pilgrimage. Any and all additional costs, and risks are completely at the travelers expense, and responsibility. We will update these terms and conditions/rules/requirements in the upcoming weeks and months.

To travel to Medjugorje you will need a PCR Covid-19 test. It must be a PCR nasal and pharyngeal swab for SARS-CoV-2, and the results must be timestamped on official test lab letterhead, and signed by a physician. An example of a test result can be found here: covidtestsample.docx. The negative test results are valid for up to 48 hours from the results timestamp on your test document until your arrival at the Croatia/BIH border. You should bring 3 copies of the results (one for Croatia border, one for BIH border, and an extra just in case). The going rate here in the US seems to be $150-$250 for each test. Please do your research choosing a testing facility. It can be challenging to find a PCR test with a 24 turnaround or less here in the US. Most tests here are Antigen, not PCR tests. You will want to find a lab near you that can do the test (some specialize in tests for those traveling), make certain it is a PCR test, make an appointment for the morning of the day before departure, and confirm you will get the results by the next morning (day of departure). They usually email you the results. You would then print off 3 copies and take them with you. You can not show the border guards your phone with emailed results.

We strongly recommend travel insurance. But understand that coverage can be limited or exempt if Covid-19 related. I would suggest asking a potential travel insurance company specific questions as to what is covered and what is not. Flights by all the airlines are constantly being changed, cancelled, re-booked, and there are always potential weather and mechanical issues. We use a licensed travel agent for flights, but it is important to understand that once you check in for your first flight, the airlines are in complete control of your destiny. Our agent can not do anything to change, or re-book flights. All we can do is monitor your progress, stay in touch with you, and make sure there is someone at Split airport to pick you up if you are delayed.

In the case your pilgrimage needs to be postponed due to flights, borders, quarantines, etc., we have been able, up to this point, to re-schedule pilgrimages for up 12-18 months in the future. For re-booking during the same season, there are no extra costs/fees. If booking into a different season, there could be a difference in flight cost. We will need to evaluate each client, and their situation, individually. If a client decides to cancel, rather than rebook, there is no refund for air or land.

This information is accurate to the best of our knowledge, as of October 21, 2020. We can not be held responsible for any misinformation, or changes in the rules/policies/regulations as time goes on. We will do our best to keep this information up to date.

As of Feb 1. 2021, a Covid 19 test, less than 72 hours old from the time of check-in, is required for flights returning to the US. We are able to accommodate the group by traveling to a city about 45 minutes from Medjugorje the day before departure to receive a rapid response Covid test. The actual Covid test that is administered is at the clients expense, and currently about $120 US.

We strongly recommend travel insurance: Click Here For Quote

Passports and Visas:
A valid US, or Canadian passport is required for travel. A Passport Card is not acceptable for International Travel. Passports must be valid for 6 months after your return date. If you hold a US or Canadian passport, no visa is required to travel. If you hold a different countries passport please contact us for information on visa requirements. You must contact your local embassies or consulates to obtain visas. We are not responsible for trip cancellations, penalties, or fees due to delayed or denied visas. Visas usually take at least 6 weeks to obtain for Croatia and Bosnia & Hercegovina.

Responsibility Clause:
Medjugorje Web Pilgrimages acts as a tour provider. The suppliers providing tickets, transportation, and accommodations for the pilgrimage program are independent contractors and are not agents or employees of Medjugorje Web Pilgrimages. All tickets issued are subject to the terms and conditions specified by the airlines. By utilizing the service of the contractors, you agree that Medjugorje Web Pilgrimages will not be liable for any accident, loss, injury, or damage to you or to those traveling with you in connection with any accommodations, transportation or any other services or resulting directly or indirectly from any occurrence or conditions beyond its control, including defects in vehicles, breakdown in equipment, thefts, delay or cancellation of or changes in itinerary for any act, omission, or event during the time you are on board the aircraft.

Medjugorje Web Pilgrimages is not to be held responsible for the late arrival of passengers at airports due to inclement weather, mechanical, or technical difficulties/problems or any other delays, nor are they to be held liable for payment or any refund for unused hotel accommodations or meals occasioned by such late arrivals at the hotels holding rooms as confirmed itineraries. In addition, Medjugorje Web Pilgrimages is not liable for any hotel costs, expenses, and special transfers needed as a result of missed/rerouted/rebooked/delayed flights. We suggest asking the airline for compensation while you are being rebooked.

Air Transportation:
Air transportation is in economy class on IATA-approved carriers. Fares are based on levels in effect at the time, and prices and schedules are subject to change without notice.

Price Guarantee:
Due to exchange rates and published airfare changes, we can only guarantee prices when the trip is paid in full, and tickets have been issued.

The less the better and if in doubt leave it at home. Each tour participant is recommended to bring one checkin suitcase and one carryon bag (9" x 14" x 22"). The airlines free baggage allowance is one checked piece at 44lb max. Medjugorje Web Pilgrimages is not responsible for the loss of, theft of, delay, or damage to a participant's belongings, or any oversize or overweight baggage fees charged.

All accommodations are based on double bedded rooms. No reductions for triple rooms. A limited number of single rooms are available at the additional supplement prices listed below.

Single Supplement:
A limited number of single rooms are available. For Medjugorje accommodations the single room supplement is: $199.

Special Medical Conditions:
We cannot guarantee special facilities or assistance for disabled passengers and it is your reponsibility to arrange for such assistance or special needs you may require. We are always willing to provide assistance and information whenever possible. Medjugorje Web Pilgrimages is not responsible for any medical condition that occurs prior, during or after the tour.

Seat Assignment:
Many of the airlines will not pre-assign seats anymore. If you would like to secure a specific seat, or a seat with a travel companion, we will request it for you. But we can not guarantee seating requests, and recommend being at the airport at least 3 hours prior to departure and arrange with the airline's Gate Agent.

Printing Disclaimer:
Medjugorje Web Pilgrimages is not responsible for any typographical or printing errors.

Our programs include group round-trip transfers. Passengers arriving or leaving independently, or passengers delayed for any reason must transfer at their own expense, which is currently $200 each way. We can make these arrangements for you, and advise you of the additional costs. No smoking is allowed on the motorcoaches.

There is no refund for unused accommodations in Medjugorje due to flight delays and late arrival.

There is no refund for unused meals.

Not Included:
Lunches, and any items of a personal nature, such as internet, telephone, taxi rides, etc. We recommend setting aside $60 total per person for tips. We recommend the following amounts: House ($25), Guide ($30), and Bus Drivers ($5). Passport and/or visa fees.

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