Early Medjugorje Parish Books
Grey, Blue, Red, and Yellow

When the apparitions started in 1981 there were no records of sermons, talks, etc. In 1984, when the weekly messages began for the parish and the world, the local priests, Fr. Tomoslav Vlasic and Fr. Slavko Barbaric, began not only to preach about the apparitions, but also to refer to earlier messages.

Transcripts of these were translated into a number of languages by an Italian association, the Association of Friends of Medjugorje, the books of these talks continued until 1987, when the monthly messages began.

The books were free in Medjugorje, and were handed out as a way of letting the world know about the messages of Medjugorje.

Regretably, these books are no longer available, so these pages are a way to continue to spread the words of Our Lady and the reflections contained in them to all who want to read them.

Not all the chapters are yet transcribed, and will be added as soon as possible. So please check from time to time for new chapters.

Special thanks to Bill Sheppy from the UK for this work: http://www.gospa.org.uk

Grey Book The Grey Book - Open Your Hearts to MARY Queen of Peace

This book is the first of the four, and contains talks given from Easter until December 1984. It also has a summary of what has gone before, so it is useful as a starting point. The reflections which are available online are:

Blue Book The Blue Book - Abandon Yourselves Totally To Me

This book is the second of the four, and contains talks given from January to June 1985. The reflections online now are :

Red Book The Red Book - Pray with Your Heart

This book is the third of the four, and contains talks given from July to December 1985. The reflections online now are :

Yellow Book The Yellow Book - I Beseech You, Listen To My Messages And Live Them

This book is the last of the four, and contains talks given in 1986, finishing with the early messages of 1987. The reflections online now are: