March 29, 1995




The visionary Mirjana Dragicevic - Soldo had daily apparitions from June 24, 1981 to December 25, 1982. During the last apparition on Christmas day 1982 Our Lady confided the tenth secret to her. She told her that the daily apparitions for her would stop but that during her entire life she would have an annual apparition on her birthday, March 18. And so itwas also this year. The apparition lasted ten minutes. After it Mirjana, all in tears, withdrew toher room. Here is what she said about her meeting with Our Lady.

"I prayed the Our Father and the Glory be with our Lady three times. The first one was for unbelievers, especially for those who have not experienced God's love. The second was for the souls in purgatory and the third for the intentions of those who were present at the apparition. Our Lady blessed all those present and also all the religious articles. Our Lady was not happy during the apparition as she has been known to be during past apparitions for my birthday. She talked to me about the secrets but I cannot say anything about that."

In answer to questions why Mirjana cried and if Our Lady give any message, the visionary answered: "It is hard for me when Our Lady goes away. The meeting with Our Lady is a fulfillment of everything. I feel completed. But when she leaves, I realize that I'm here, on earth, that I'm going on without her as if I were forsaken even though I know I am not. It is really hard, so hard . . . In the message Our Lady spoke about the love that we need. Her wish is that people love one another because God is love and if we love God, we will love one another. I understand this message as one of consolation and that we don't have to fear anything if we have love. And this was Our Lady's message:

"Dear children! Already for many years as a Mother I have been teaching you faith and God's love. You have not shown gratitude to the dear Father nor have you given him glory. You have become empty and your heart has become hard and without love toward your neighbors' sufferings. I am teaching you love and showing you that the dear Father loved you but you have not loved him. He sacrificed his Son for your salvation, my children. As long as you do not love, you will not know your Father's love. You won't get to know him because God is love. Love and don't be afraid, my children, because there is no fear in love. If your hearts are open to the Father and if they are full of love toward him, then why any fear of what is to come? Those who are afraid are the ones who do not love because they are waiting for punishments and because they know how empty and hard they are. Children, I am leading you to love, to the dear Father. I am leading you to eternal life. Eternal life is my Son. Receive him and you have received love."


In response to the great interest of pilgrims and friends of Medjugorje we present here the dates and places where the movie 'Gospa' by director Jakov Sedlar will be shown.

April 9, 1995 TORONTO - Convention Center
April 10, 1995 NEW YORK - Radio City Music Hall
April 11, 1995 DETROIT - Convention Center
April 14, 1995 ZAGREB - "Vatroslav Lisinski"
April 15, 1995 SPLIT - Lora
April 15, 1995 CITLUK
April 17 1995 DUBROVNIK


The Catholic community of "The Beatitudes" was founded in France by Brother Ephraim in 1973. Its mission is to pray for the unity of the Church, for the enlightenment of Israel and for Christ's coming in glory. This new lay community is both contemplative and apostolic. It is composed of brothers and sisters, priests, deacons and families. Their life is based on the order of life of the first Christians as described in the Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 4.

The community is present on all five continents and has sixty houses. The one in Medjugorje was opened in 1989. Its ten members, including one priest, live her messages in Our Lady's school and endeavor to spread them throughout the whole world. The community's life in Medjugorje revolves around the community liturgy open to all; an apostolate consisting of lecturing, receiving people of the French language and sometimes groups of other languages; confessions, animating liturgies in the Sanctuary and participating in the evening prayer program of the parish community. It is a great joy for them all to live at the heart of this place which they look on as their own home and which provides them the experience of being all the children of the same Mother.


We announce to all participants that the Prayer - Information Seminar, scheduled for April 2 - 6, 1995, will take place at the Hotel "HORIZONT " in Ba ka Voda, 2 kilometers from Makarska toward Split. Everything else announced regarding the seminar remains unchanged.

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