December 31, 1997




Always when one period of time ends and we begin another one, we like to give a full account. Yet we usually know the result ahead of time. We will do everything to make it look favorable for us.

The statement expressed here is confirmed every year when the world celebrates so-called New Year's. Success after success is listed in the public media. And so that everything won't look too dazzling and therefore unconvincing, there will also be some talk about the dark side of life. But still in the end it turns out that our orientation was correct and it will only be necessary to pay better attention next year.

And it seems to me that we had better really pay close attention. As mankind we have been driven into a corner. The theory of liberalism has opened the door to everything and anything. That way they are trying to hide the foundations on which alone mankind and all that it does can rest. Man is no longer a creature that lives on the earth, but a creature that is destroying the earth for the sake of his own convenience. Therefore, it happens that he is by himself driving himself into a corner where he is shivering before the events to come.

Such a condition is in no way pleasing to God. Through the Queen of Peace we are being continuously instructed how to come out into the light of day and not be afraid of anything. We are told to be happy, open, free, and to fully breath life into us. We have a full right to that. He gave it to us when we were born and He does not want anyone else whosoever to take it away from us. Our Lady like a loving Mother convinces us of it. She leads by the hand so that we would once and for all start walking and comprehend that we can walk this earth with heads lifted high.

In the shrine of the Queen of Peace passing from one year to another is lived out in prayer and song. Joy is really present, only it is different from the 'joy' that dissipated song, food and drink afford. Those who experience this try to place the correct plus or minus sign to their own account. Maybe it isn't so nice, but it's the one that shows the way it is and for sure the next time it will be better.

Fr Miljenko Stojic



During the Christmas Novena the parishioners together with the pilgrims prayed the rosary on Apparition Hill in addition to the usual gathering for the evening prayer program.


"The Fund for the Talented" has been operating in Medjugorje for a full seven years. Its founders are people who wish to help talented young people develop their gifts and to serve the world with those gifts. The director is Fr. Slavko Barbaric.

With this small text we wish to introduce ourselves and show our aims and invite all associates with similar aims to cooperate. By cooperation new possibilities will be opened to all for working and helping young people on their way of personal improvement and development of the gifts God has entrusted to them, but not just for themselves, but for all people. This fund began its operation under conditions of war and has already helped many young people on path of life.

However, post-war conditions for many young people are very unfavorable both morally and materially and therefore even greater help on all levels is necessary for them. The concrete goals and tasks of the Fund are:

- financing and support of talented children, pupils and students;

- advancing the goals of the Fund for the purpose of stirring the right people by personal contact to set aside means for support and financing the talented.

- cooperation with university and scholastic establishments, with and other funds for the financing of pupils and students, with civic, religious, political and other organizations, and by personal contact with the right people, according to the statutes contained in the basic principles of the Fund.

During this academic year also we are regularly assisting 100 students at various universities of Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina, and we distribute a one-time assistance to families with two or more students. We also endeavor to be of assistance in special social cases.

We hereby heartily invite all organizations in the world with similar aims to contact us so we might be able to cooperate in this charitable effort.

Sincere greetings from Medjugorje.

Contact us at the following address or telephone:

"Friends of the Talented" Fund
Domus Pacis
88266 Medjugorje
tel/fax 00387-88-651-549 (daily from 09:00 - 13:00)


The Association "Medjugorje for Children" which the Swiss pianist Mauro Harsch founded a year after his 1986 spiritual and physical healing in Medjugorje celebrated the tenth anniversary of its found in October 1997. This association seeks to develop effective assistance to children of the world. It especially endeavors to and has already effectively given assistance to children and orphans in India, Brazil, Romania and is already also in South America, Africa and Madagascar. Worthy of special mention is its help in the construction of "Mothers' Village", the living environment in Bijakovici-Medjugorje for abandoned children and war orphans. The Association "Medjugorje for Children" donated the financial means for the construction of a house in which seven children now live. Care for them is provided by Sr. Zdenka Kozina and Ruzica Ruzic, a refugee from Konjic and the mother of Hercegovina Franciscan Fr. Dragan Ruzic.

This is the first charitable Association to start by the inspiration of the Medjugorje events. The wish of its founder is also further to help orphaned and abandoned children. For that reason in the framework of the celebration of the tenth anniversary a charitable concert has been organized. A chamber orchestra held a highly successful commemorative concert under the direction of Carlo Marija Giulini. The founder of the organization Mauro Harsch for charitable purposes released in the meantime a CD with the music of Mozart and Chopin. The entire profit goes for the intentions of the Association.

The Association issues its own magazine Buttons four times a year. That way Mary's spirit of concern for children spreads and brings forth abundant fruit.

They are happy to get information about other Associations and the written cooperation of the children of the whole world.

All other necessary information can be obtained from the secretariate of the Association: 0041-91-683-0002.

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