November 05, 1997




Today's tragedy of modern man did not commence at the moment he invented the atomic bomb or anything similar. It started when he said 'no' to God. Advocates of the so-called modern age remember that day with pride and call it 'enlightenment' and similar such names. According to that logic those others would not be able to be modern until with heart and soul ( pardon me, it doesn't exist) they join that movement.

Still, things are not really quite like that. Those who during critical changes remained with God did not bring about the origin of the atomic bomb and that it be employed. Nor, devoid of all moral sense, did they begin to get busy with genetic engineering, etc. Their role, indeed, consisted in being a counter-balance to immature human endeavors.

It is not my intention to offend anyone, but it is truly immature to lean only on oneself. As human beings we are unfortunately weak and fragile. Therefore, we need someone on whom we can lean and to whom we can come as to someone dear. And in the highest degree that is God.

The Queen of Peace is constantly teaching us how to be open to this wisdom. Her manner of speaking is modern and the fulfillment of all those beautiful desires that today's world holds dear. Nevertheless because of its rejection of God, this modern civilization cannot forget that man in every age must be good, have friends. . .

Each day that we live through is our modern age. Our relationship with God will show us whether we are living in that modern age or living in the haze of false human self-conceit, that is, in the great mistakes of the past. Who is, then, conservative?

Fr. Miljenko Stojic


Hotel "Sunce" - Neum, March 9 -13, 1998

Monday, March 9, 1998.
19:00 Holy Mass (Fr. Tomislav Pervan, Provincial of the Hercegovina Franciscans )
20:00 Dinner

Tuesday, March 10, 1998
07:30 Morning prayer
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Lecture: "Essential Characteristics of a Spiritual Movement" - Dr. Marianne Tigges
10:00 Intermission
10:30 Group discussion on the theme of the lecture
11:30 Meeting with the Lecturer
12:30 Lunch
15:30 Meeting with the Franciscan Fathers (Fr. Ivan Landeka, Fr. Slavko Barbaric, Fr. Miljenko Stojic, Fr. Svetozar Kraljevic, Fr. Leonard Orec, Fr. Jozo Zovko)
17:00 Intermission
17:30 Rosary
18:00 Holy Mass (Fr. Jozo Zovko)
20:30 Miscellaneous announcements

Wednesday, March 11, 1998
07:30 Morning prayer
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Lecture: "Is Medjugorje a Spiritual Movement in the Church?"
Fr. Dirk Grothues
10:00 Intermission
10:30 Group discussion on the theme of the lecture
12:00 Lunch
15:00 Meeting with the Lecturer
15:00 Lecture: "Family in Our Lady's messages" - (Fr. Slavko Barbaric)
16:00 Intermission
16:30 Meeting with the visionaries
17:30 Rosary
Holy Mass (Fr. Miljenko Stojic)
20:30 Adoration (Fr. Ivan Landeka)

Thursday, March 12, 1998
07:30 Morning prayer
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Lecture: "Medjugorje and the New Evangelization" - Dr. Fr. Ivan Dugandzic
10:00 Intermission
10:30 Group disussion on the theme of the lecture
12:00 Lunch
15:00 Group Discussion - Resolutions
14:00 Intermission
14:30 Group Discussion - Resolutions
17:30 Rosary
Holy Mass (Fr. Slavko Barbaric )

Friday, March 13, 1998
07:30 Morning prayer
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Departure for Medjugorje Departure for Apparition Hill
12:30 Group Lunch
Departure for Krizevac

Lecturers for this year's seminar are:

Dr. Marianne Tigges, born February 15, 1942 in Haagen, Westphalia, Germany. In 1957 she was promoted to the Philosophical Faculty of the Westphalia Wilhelm University in Munster (pedagogy-theology - philosophy ). Till 1979 she served in East Africa; from 1979 - 1983 she worked in the office of the Papal mission MISSIO in Aachen; from 1983 - 1987 in the office of the Pastoral Center of the German Bishops' Conference in the department of "Spiritual Life, Spiritual vocations, church ministries". She was the contact person for the German Bishops' Conference for spiritual communities and movements from 1987 to 1991. She was appointed secretary to the Bishops' Conference for spiritual vocations and church ministries in 1991.

Dirk Grotheus, born 1928, ordained priest 1955 in Munster, Germany. He is chaplain to a community of workers, instructor of religion in a gymnasiums, pastoral caregiver in a clinic for psychosomatic medicine, counselor in the service for marriage and family affairs, and spiritual director of spiritual communities. From 1968 to 1995 he is theological collaborator for the diocesan newspaper Kirche und Leben, rector of the provincial house of sisters in Munster. Since 1987 he is spiritual advisor at the Center Mary Queen of Peace, Medjugorje. He collaborates on theological symposia and in publications that refer to the Medjugorje apparitions and messages.

Dr. Fr. Ivan Dugandzic - Franciscan priest, member of the Hercegovina Franciscan province. Born 1943 in Krehin Gradac, country Citluk, Hercegovina. After graduating in Dubrovnik in 1962, he entered the Franciscan Order. He completed theological studies in Sarajevo and Koenigstein, Germany. Ordained priest in 1969. Postgraduate study and doctorate in biblical science in Wuerzburg, Germany. Since 1990 he lives and works in Zagreb. He is professor of New Testament exegesis and biblical theology at the Catholic Theological Faculty and its institutes. He has published works in technical theological reviews. He publishes in religious newspapers in a contemporary style on various biblical themes. He has lived and worked in Medjugorje on two occasions: 1970 - 1972 and 1985 - 1988.

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