October 22, 1997




A tree is recognized by its fruits, it says some place in the Gospel. Everyday life has confirmed this principle for us countless times. For that reason arose the proverb with the same meaning: As the parents, so also the children.

Word of the events in the parish of Medjugorje has spread out over the whole world. That has not happened because of some special promotion, but because of the strength of the word. Already from the very beginning people were coming from all parts of the world to see what was happening. Their travel and arrival were often uncomfortable. The atheistic communist government tried every possible way to hinder that word. First they said it was all one big fraud. When they did not succeed in convincing others of that, they began to hinder the arrival of pilgrims in all kinds of ways. They locked up local people in prison and behaved rudely toward them. The same fate befell those who came from other countries, even though the government at that time tried to show them a different face.

Today communism is no more. It blew over these areas like a violent hurricane. With the help of accomplices from other countries (also even of those that are called democratic) it tried to destroy its own territory with an unmerciful war. It did not succeed. It blew out of the Croatian homeland like a dishonorable way of life.

For the first time after the beginning of the apparitions Croatians were able to pray to the Queen of Peace not only in their own homes, but also in the parish of Medjugorje. No more did anyone try to hinder their buses from coming here. Therefore, they also rushed in great numbers, since they knew that the Queen of Peace gave them a state, that home to which every people has a right.

It is mistaken to conclude that only the Croatian people recognized their own mother in the Queen of Peace. Many nations around the world also recognized it. For that reason they began to live differently. Now there is more peace in those nations, more love toward other nations, more ideal family life. . ., there is less drugs, less various types of criminals, less revenge and hatred. They have begun to live a fullness of life recognizing that the goal of life is not to be richer than one's neighbor, but to be good together with one's neighbor on this imperfect earth.

This kind of success was not achieved by any kind of modern movement with its own promotional means and money which were approved just for that purpose. They began to experience success just then when they joined the "movement" of the Queen of Peace. The fruits of the coming of the Queen of Peace, then, are obvious. They are not bad, but exceptionally good fruits. In the eyes of others they become "bad" only when someone attempts to exploit them for their own personal promotional goals.

Fr. Miljenko Stojic



As already announced in Press Bulletin No. 72, the international prayer-educational seminar for the leaders of prayer groups, charitable and pilgrim groups, connected with Medjugorje, will be held at Hotel "Sunce" in Neum from the 9th to the 13th of March, 1998. The theme of the seminar will be "The Medjugorje Spiritual Movement."

There is limited space, and the number of participants is greater each year. Therefore we request that you register your coming to the prayer-educational seminar as soon as possible and no later than the end of December. Do your registration by fax ++387-88-651-444 or by e-mail: medjugorje-mir@medjugorje.hr (with the indication "Attention: Information Center") or just at the information office of the shrine.

Simultaneous translation will be organized for all language groups. Cost of accomodations, airport transfer and seminar is 280 DM per person per double room. The supplement for a single room is 40 DM. Payment shall be made to the seminar organizer upon arrival at the hotel. There will be the possibility of organized transfer from the Split airport to Hotel "Sunce" in Neum. All those who need a transfer on the 9th of March should give notice of the exact time of their arrival and flight number to the "Medjugorje-Mir" Association in Split no later than the end of December by fax ++385-21-361-354. Organized transfer from Neum to Medjugorje will be arranged for the last day. Each person should have a radio and earphones for the simultaneous translation. Radios and earphones will also be available during the course of the seminar.

Program and brief biographical notes on the speakers will be published in the following Press Bulletin.


The second meeting of priests on the theme: "Priests in the School of Mary" will be held from June 30th to July 6th , 1998. The meeting will be conducted by Don Cosimo Cavaluzzo, Joerg Mueller, Fr. Jozo Zovko and Fr. Slavko Barbaric. Joerg Mueller, a psycotherapist for many years, will introduce priests to the ministry of deliverance (recognition of satanic activity in people, working with such people and recognition of mental sicknesses). We request all priests to bring along an alb and stole. Simultaneous translation will be organized. For that a radio and earphones are necessary. They can also be obtained in the course of the seminar. By fulfilling two mass intentions for the Parish Office of Medjugorje, accomodation expenses will be covered. For all announcements use telephone number ++387-88-651-988 (information office). Reservations for accomodations can be made by fax number ++387-88-651-888.



For the sake of effectively directing pastoral care in the shrine and assisting pilgrims, we request all organizers of pilgrims to notify us of their arrival at Medjugorje beforehand. Give the exact date of your arrival and departure from Medjugorje, the number of pilgrims, as well as the language of your group, that is the country from which you are coming.

You can send your notice by fax number ++387-88-651-444 or by e-mail: medjugorje-mir@medjugorje.hr (with the indication "Attention: Information Center "MIR")

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