June 18, 1997




I did not personally imagine this title. I borrowed it from a scientific symposium in which I participated not long ago. That symposium was one of the ways of the Croatian Franciscans to prepare for the third millennium in harmony with the church's project "Jubilee 2000".

Thinking it all over I came to the conclusion that somebody already previously spoke up about these things in these our modern times. That was Our Lady who in a special way spoke out to the world June 25, 1981. Appearing in a communist country she encouraged all oppressed peoples, and invited so-called "democratic countries" to solidarity with the others. Her intention was to unite all people and to make them real brothers and sisters.

Our Lady succeeded in her plan with all those who were willing to obey her. That circle is expanding from day to day. We have read, I believe, the countless testimonies of those who, thanks to Our Lady's words, have changed their lives. But, if we have stopped only at the reading, we haven't done anything great, just as neither will that afore mentioned scientific symposium if it stops only with its "science". We also need to work, to personally experience what we are hearing and reading. Our Lady promises that to us and constantly invites us to come back to the ways of God. Only then shall we build up a true culture of solidarity without which it is impossible to live on this earth.

Tens of millions of people have visited the Shrine of the Queen of Peace in Medjugorje. They have become her messengers and the announcers of a new culture, a culture of solidarity. What about you?

Fr. Miljenko Stojic



In the month of May in the shrine of the Queen of Peace in Medjugorje 107,500 Holy Communions were distributed and 2,883 priests from home and abroad concelebrated in all the masses, an average of 93 each day.


On June 25 the 16th anniversary of Our Lady's apparitions will be observed in the shrine of the Queen of Peace. So far several tens of millions of people from all countries of the world have visited the shrine of Medjugorje. In their own homes and parishes they have become messengers of Our Lady's message of peace directed to each individual as well as to entire mankind.

But, the first messengers who witnessed Our Lady's presence in the parish of Medjugorje were the Medjugorje visionaries. According to the testimony of the six young parishioners, since June 24, 1981 the Blessed Virgin Mary is appearing every day in the parish of Medjugorje. That day the visionaries were frightened at Our Lady's appearance and fled. The following day, June 25, they responded to Our Lady's call and went to the Hill of apparition, where for the first time they prayed and conversed with her. Therefore that day is celebrated as the anniversary of the apparition of the Queen of Peace, as Our Lady introduced herself.

As we have done each year on the occasion of the anniversary of the apparitions, so also now we present briefly the development of the visionaries' lives during these supernatural events:

Ivanka Ivankovic-Elez was born in 1966. She had daily apparitions from June 24, 1981 up to May 7, 1985. On that day she received the last of her ten secrets and Our Lady told her that she would appear to her every year on the anniversary for the rest of her entire life. So far it has been just that way.

Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo was born in 1965. She had daily apparitions from June 24, 1981 up to December 25, 1982. On the last day of her apparitions Our Lady told her that throughout her entire life she would have an apparition once a year on her birthday March 18. Since August 2, 1987 on the second of every month she hears the voice of the Blessed Mother interiorly and prays with her for unbelievers. Our Lady has confided ten secrets to Mirjana.

Vicka Ivankovic was born in 1964. Our Lady appeared to her for the first time June 24, 1981. And for her the daily apparitions still continue. Our Lady has confided nine secrets to Vicka.

Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti was born in 1965. Our Lady appeared to her for the first time June, 25, 1981. She also now has daily apparitions. Through her Our Lady directs her monthy message to the parish and to the world on the 25th of every month. So far Our Lady has confided nine secrets to her.

Ivan Dragicevic was born in 1965. Our Lady has been appearing to him every day since June 24, 1981 up to the present day. Our Lady has confided nine secrets to him.

Jakov Colo was born in 1971. He has daily apparitions since June, 25 1981 up to the present day. Our Lady has confided nine secrets to him.

All the visionaries live in the parish of Medjugorje except Marija Pavlovic who lives in Italy and on certain occasions comes to Medjugorje.


In May at the invitation of pilgrims and friends of Medjugorje Fr. Slavko visited several parishes in Croatia and Slovenia conveying Our Lady's message of peace and the spirit of the Medjugorje prayer program to the faithful in their local churches. A large number of the faithful participated in all the meetings and at one meeting in Slovenia Fr. Slavko met also with Archbishop Franc Rodeo. In an open conversation he asked him, do you know that many Slovenians are coming to Medjugorje and what is his position. He answered: "Once a bishop from Pescara asked the Pope what should be done with the people who are going to Medjugorje. The Pope answered with a question: 'And what are the people doing there?" The bishop answered: "They pray, they go to confession, they do penance!" The Pope answered briefly, "Well then let the people go there!" Fr. Slavko asked the archbishop if that were his position and his answer. With a pleasant smile he said, "Yes."


The Medjugorje Photomonograph which we mentioned in the last number of the Press Bulletin June 4, 1997 was also presented in Split. In the presence of a large number of the faithful and of people active in the cultural, religious and public life of that city the first one to speak about that book was Msgr. Dr. Frane Franic, retired Archbishop of Split-Makarska. Here is what he said on the occasion: "Our Lady's apparitions have to be seen as an intervention in human history from the other side that can only be understood in a long period of time. I have personally heard Our Lady's voice, but I have never seen her. In the Medjugorje fruits of prayer, fasting and brotherly love I see the signs of preparation for meeting with God. Our bishops with their Declaration of 1991 confirmed Medjugorje as a place of pilgrimage and prayer, and as such they recommended to the faithful what it has become on a world wide level."

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