January 29, 1997



Our bodies need to be healthy! This is a statement or idea with which we come into contact, daily. It is being repeated to us through radio, T.V., press, films, not to mention the giant advertisements we meet on our streets. It's recommended to go on excursions, diverse exercise programmes, take medicinal solutions which will bring health back to our sick bodies. There are so many options. And incidently, these options are extraordinarily costly. In the end one finds oneself asking if they are really necessary for health at all.

Our Lady also offers us health and wholeness except without the publicity and without the expense. The health which she is offering us doesn't give priority to a healthy and young looking body, but a healthy soul. She tells us that we should open ourselves to God and that we should listen and feel His appeals and invitations to us and not the other voices around us. Only after this is it possible to have a truly healthy body. Because only then will we understand that our true beauty and true merit has nothing to do with this world, but rather it is rooted in our heavenly home. At the same time we'll understand that if we really wish to reach our heavenly home, then we need to start preparing for that, little by little, right away. And we do this by becoming open to God's appeals to us. The result will be a healthy soul and a healthy body. Even modern medicine recognises the truth of this. Do we ourselves recognise it?

P. Miljenko



43,000 holy communions were distributed during the month of December in the shrine of Our Lady, Queen of Peace at Medjugorje, and a total of 817 priests from both at home and abroad concelebrated at Holy Mass, averaging at 25 priests daily.

During 1996, 869,000 sacred hosts were distributed, or 2,380 daily, and at Holy Mass 19,974 priests from both at home and abroad celebrated, averaging at about 55 priests daily.

Amongst these there was one archbishop and five bishops on pilgrimage in Medjugorje during 1996.


During the month of December 1996, the retired Archbishop of Split Mons. Frane Franic had his "diamond mass", celebrating 60 years in the priesthood. In the Con-Cathedral in Split, amongst the crowds of the faithful were the Croatian Papal-nunciate Giulio Einaudi, Cardinal Franjo Kuharic, Mons. Ante JuriŠ, (the present Archbishop of Split) a representative of the President of the Croatian Republic and many Croatian bishops priests and nuns.

Some distinguished guests both from ecclesial and social spheres commented about the life and works of this brave witness to the faith during the most vicious communist persecutions. Dr. Jure Radic, Vice-president of the Croatian government (and deputy of the President), don Dante, an Italian priest and Dr. fr. Ljudevit Rupcic proclaimed Mons. Franic to be..." a courageous witness, who recognised the events of Medjugorje as the hand of God and pledged himself for it. His bravery was the reason for many attacks against him ,but Mons Franic, like in so many other similar situations followed the voice of his conscience"....

The bravery of his testimony helped many to accept the events of Medjugorje which opened up a path of conversion and peace for them.

Archbishop Franic himself, thanking everyone for everything, used the event to testify to his belief in Medjugorje's Queen of Peace. Those present, delighted at his words readily applauded him. Here we quote some of his talk..."Every priest should pray three hours a day, and every bishop four. Every retired bishop should pray five hours a day. I personally learnt how to pray at Medjugorje, with the Queen of Peace...I thank God that I was personally able to observe the development of this mystical theology and mystical phenomenon so closely. I recognise and accept the truth of Marys message at Medjugorje."


Just as we have already mentioned in previous issues of the Press Bulletin, the prayer/information seminar for prayer, pilgrim and charity group leaders, linked with Medjugorje, will be held at Hotel "Sunce" in Neum from the 24th to the 28th of February 1997. These seminars which are organized once a year are of exceptional importance for all, especially for those of you who work for the spreading of Our Lady's messages of peace in your own areas. Likewise, it is important for us, for better co-operation and in order to resolve some of the difficulties which we meet up with in our work together with the pilgrims.

Once again we would advise all of you who intend participating in the seminar, and who, up until now have not completed your booking to do so as soon as possible for organization of booking in the hotel. You can complete your booking at this fax no.+387 88 651 444, addressing it to the Information Centre.

Simultaneous translations will be arranged for the respective languages. The price of accommodation, and transfer from Split is 275 DEM per person in a double room. A supplement of 40 DEM will be necessary for those requiring a single room. Payment should be completed on arrival at the Hotel. It is possible to organize a transfer from the airport at Split to the hotel. Those wishing to avail of this should advise the Association "Medjugorje-Mir" in Split at fax no.+385 21 36 13 54. of their arrival time at Split airport on the 24th of February. On the last day of the seminar, transport from Neum to Medjugorje will be organized. Every participant should bring a radio and earphones for simultaneous translation, although they will also be on sale on the premises for 15 DEM. A programme of the seminar is available in our 50th edition of the Press Bulletin and it can be obtained on the www pages through Internet.

All reservations are confirmed.

Neum is located on the main Split-Dubrovnik road about 130km south of Split.


The eighth international prayer festival for youth will be held from the 31st of July until the 6th of August 1997. By now it has become a traditional festival and a meeting for youth of the whole world. The programme for the festival will be published in the 58th issue of the Press Bulletin, or if necessary it is already available in the "Information" section on our WWW pages on Internet.

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