July 17, 1996



Whoever has never written anything for children or perhaps attempted to convey some knowledge to them usually thinks that is simple. In the background is the thought that children have no experience of life and, therefore, it is taken for granted that a lot of sound experience of life can just be passed off to them. But that's not the way it is.

It is difficult to write for children and to talk to them. It demands a person to present his thoughts clearly, genuinely and interestingly. A child is not weighed down by the thought of what someone else is going to say if I will think like this. If something isn't clear to him or it seems to him that it is not genuine he will clearly and openly ask a question about it. It affects the very heart of the matter and he is not at all satisfied until everything is well clarified.

For that reason it is no wonder that Our Lady constantly addresses us with "Dear children". There is no sense of superiority in this. Our Lady desires good for us, she desires to teach us to live in freedom. Let us not take offence and say that we are free. Are we indeed free if our behavior is conditioned by conforming to circumstances and not by conforming to the truth? If we shall be children, we will know what to do.

Fra Miljenko



At the beginning of July an active bishop from Uruguay, Msgr. Raul Scarone, visited Medjugorje. In the course of his two-day stay in Medjugorje he participated in several masses of various language groups and in the Croatian language evening eucharistic celebration at which he gave the blessing to the faithful present. Here is what he said on that occasion:

"This is my first visit to Medjugorje. It is a grace for me to stay here two days. Providence has brought me here. I am satisfied and I did not know that it has this kind of great dimension. The apparitions in Medjugorje are known throughout the whole world. Popular devotion must be purified. It is a question, namely, of religious motivation. That holds true for each one of us. So that we might firmly go on the way of holiness we need a purification of motivation. When I think of myself, before my own personal confession, I always ask myself, Am I a bishop in order that I might serve the church or only so that I might have authority?

You in this parish have a great gift that is called Mary. She can always help us in evangelization for the reason that she always leads us toward Jesus. She opens the doors of hearts and the doors of homes. I have seen that also in my own people which is so secularized and has so many sects. Where Mary is, there the heart is open. Accordingly, that which has to be done is to evangelize with Our Lady's help."


At the beginning of July a group of forty professors visited the shine of the Queen of Peace. There were from the faculty of Law in Split together with their pro-rector, pro-dean, dean and secretary. After the visit to the shrine they also visited the "Cenacle" community which is for the healing of young drug addicts. As for all who visit this community, the life and labor of these ex-drug addicts impressed them deeply.


The already traditional international youth prayer meeting in Medjugorje, the seventh in a row, will be held from July 31 till August 6, 1996. The theme is: "From Darkness to Light".

The presenters are: Sr. Elvira, Jean Pliyar, Don Cosimo, Fr. Jozo Zovko, Sr. Briege. Giving testimonies on their experiences will be: the visionaries, General Philip Morillon and others. Fr. Slavko Barbaric will conduct the seminar. It is recommended to all participants to bring along a Bible, ear phones and an FM radio for the simultaneous translation.

We request all organizers who are coming with their groups to the international youth prayer meeting, not to plan any other kind of activities during these days for the sake of complete cooperation on part of all the participants.


Many times so far, dear friends, you have said that work in distribution of humanitarian aid takes you away from the prayer for the sake of which you came to Medjugorje. Aware of your great love and the efforts you expend to help our people in this difficult moment, we wish to offer a little piece of advice. Collect your valuable gifts and send them through the Association "Medjugorje-Mir" based in Split. That Association, namely, knows well the needs of individuals and groups and directs your help in the simplest and most equitable way. You can obtain all the announcements and the way to cooperate at this tel/fax: ++385-21-361-354. This way you can also really experience your pilgrimage in the manner you wish to, and also those who are in need of your help will obtain it.


So that we might more quickly and easily be in contact with you we have connected with the Internet. Our address is: http://www.medjugorje.hr. For the time being our web pages are still in the making, so we request your understanding. You can send all comments and contributions to our e-mail address: medjugorje-mir@st.tel.hr. Also if in addition you know of any other Internet address that talks about Medjugorje, please inform us of it. .

We wish to inform you of changes in our telephone numbers:
-information office 00387 88 651 988
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We request all those to whom we have been faxing Our Lady's message, but who are able to get it through the Internet, to please notify us as soon as possible.

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