February 28, 1996



In the pathless ways of everyday life it is certainly easiest to find one's way if we have a model. Then we will see that we are not the only ones who wish to go by such a way and that it is possible, as well, to realize that kind of way. In searching for a model we Christians will, I believe, look for the kind that corresponds to our Christian conviction. But if someone looked for a model in us would he be able to find it?

We Christians today are, unfortunately, a little bit tired. It is not as in the days of the early Church. We do not give enough witness anymore. We often try to be like the rest. They have convinced us that we are not allowed to be different in anything since we are living in a multicultural society. They have thus reduced us to a level of mediocrity and silenced our voice.

We Christians likewise have a right to existence in modern civilization. We are actually their hope and salvation. Without us this civilization would have long ago fallen into ruin. Through us, that is, Jesus Christ continuously makes himself heard. And he does that most easily if we are ready to be a "model."

Fr. Miljenko



Fr. Slavko Barbaric recently returned from a missionary journey to Africa. He visited the two small islands of Reunion and Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, 700 kilometers south of Madagascar, and 2,500 kilometers away from the South Pole. With their tropical climate and natural beauties they represent a part of paradise on earth. Even though the population is small, they are over 90% Catholic. The news of Mary, Queen of Peace has reached those two remote, inhabited islands. From these islands the faithful have come on pilgrimage to Medjugorje, both individually and in larger groups. On returning home, they spread the message of peace. Prayer groups and Centers of Peace were established.

They expressed their wish for someone from Medjugorje to come to pray with them and in their local church to bring the message of Our Lady directed to the world to all those who want to get to know it, but for whom it is impossible to come to Medjugorje. So Fr. Slavko decided to go on this journey together with the visionary Mirjana and her family. Prayer meetings were held in ten churches that were not able to hold the crowd of assembled faithful. At the Eucharistic celebration in St. Francis de Sales Church twenty priests concelebrated with Cardinal Jean Margeot. He had already previously visited Medjugorje and wholeheartedly accepts and spreads Our Lady's message. For that occasion the church choir sang in Croatian. Before departing for Mauritius Fr. Slavko and Mirjana also visited Bishop Gilbert Auby in his residence. In an exceptionally heartfelt conversation Bishop Auby said that he follows well and knows the events of Medjugorje which generate good fruits and he is, therefore, open to Our Lady's message of peace.

The visit to Mauritius followed. In a church overcrowded with the faithful song resounded again in Croatian. Wanting to confirm the importance of that grand gathering for his church, the local Bishop, Maurice Piat, participated in the prayer with twenty of his priests. It is a great joy, namely, for those distant places to be able to get first hand knowledge of Our Lady's message of peace. Poverty and distance, that is, are frequently the obstacles for many of the faithful to come to Medjugorje and to get to know its message directed to all of mankind.


With the arrival of the Lenten season the already customary courses of prayer and fasting began in "Domus Pacis" House of Prayer. In the course of Lent three such courses will be held. Opening at 4 pm and closing at 12 noon.

- February 26 / March 02, 1996
- March 10 / March 14, 1996
- March 31/ April 06, 1996.

Fr. Slavko Barbaric organizes and conducts the courses. For all those who wish to prepare for the feast of Easter in a more profound way, these kind of courses, rich in experiences, are the right opportunity for that. Since an exceptional interest for this kind of course is prevalent, there is still only a little free space left. We, therefore, invite all those who are interested in participating to make their reservation by fax number 387-88-642-339. In case of being prevented from participation in one or more courses after making a reservation, please give notice by the same fax number at least one week before the course begins. The cost is 10 DM per day.


MEDJUGORJE MAGNIFICAT, Chez Chantal and Regis Clause, Le grand champ, 01480 France. Tel. 33-7460-7474; fax 33-7409-8157. This Center is occupied primarily with the organization of pilgrimages to Medjugorje and the spreading of Our Lady's message of peace. Every Friday there is a meeting of the faithful for prayer and meditation on the way of the cross and the rosary. Prayer meetings are organized also every first Saturday of the month. During these times of war which involved our homeland, the Center collected and distributed different kinds of humanitarian aid to the needy.


*** We hereby notify all Centers and individuals who the Robofax get Our Lady's message, the message commentary, and the Press Bulletin that, due to installation of the new digital telephone system, the Robofax number is changing.

The new number to call is: 387-88-651-555. Since it will still be possible to reach the old number for a short time only, we ask you to notify everyone you know about this to obtain the aforementioned items this way.

We also hereby apologize to all pilgrims and friends of Medjugorje and Centers of Peace for theproblems you have encountered in obtaining Our Lady's messages, the commentaries and past numbers of the Press Bulletin. Problems arose as a result of changing over the telephone system to a new digital mode of operation. It may happen that in a short time you will run into unexpected difficulties (not as big as the others) until the new telephone system is completely operational.

*** There is still space available for the Prayer-Information Seminar that will be held at Hotel "Alga" in Tucepi from March 17 - 21, 1996. Anyone interested should make their reservation by fax number 387-88-642-339, designated for the "MIR Information Center."

We are notifying all those who by fax have completed their reservation for the Prayer-Information Seminar in Tucepi that their reservations are officially confirmed.

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