January 04, 1995



During the Holy Christmas Novena, we prayed the rosary on Apparition Hill. Four retreats of prayer and fasting were organized in the retreat house " Domus Pacis" . Through this prayer and fasting, 120 people from Croatia and abroad, wishing to prepare themselves more deeply for Christmas and to get closer to the mystery of God born on the earth, participated in them.


Many pilgrims arrived in Medjugorje during the Christmas holidays. They came from Croatia, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, England, Ireland, Slovenia, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, and the United States.

Among many well known people and politicians, the Archbishop of Nigeria, Mons. Gabriel Gonsum Ganaka, visited Medjugorje also. He said ".... I believe in Medjugorje because of the fruits I have seen."......

The solemn mass of Christmas Eve was celebrated by Fr. Ljudevit Rupcic with 13 concelebrants in the presence of 1500 people. At the end of mass, the children of the parish, by singing, wished all pilgrims, all friends of Medjugorje in the world and all men of good will a Merry Christmas. The evening began at 10 pm with a vigil of prayer and adoration and it ended with the celebration of the Eucharist. 1000 people came to participate in this vigil.

Peace and solemnity characterized the day of Christmas. The Spanish U.N. peace keeping forces in Medjugorje also participated in solemn Mass along with the parishioners.


As in previous years, the vigil of prayer for New Year's Eve was organized. It began at 10pm and it concluded with Midnight Mass. We began the New Year, above all, praying for Peace. The Youth, who again outnumbered all other people this year, came from all over the world for this occasion.

From December 28 through January 1, at the house "Domus Pacis", a retreat was organized for all young people wishing to begin the New Year in the joy of prayer. Forty youth coming from Croatia and abroad participated in it.

In Medjugorje, during the Christmas holidays, it was possible to donate blood for the need of our country's population. Around 70 Croatian and foreign pilgrims donated their blood. We wholeheartedly thank all those who helped the brothers in need through this human act of generosity.

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