December 06, 1995



God created man in his own image the book of Genesis tells us. The reason for that is love. Because of that it is man's task to keep that image of God pure and clear in himself. In that way he will draw even closer to himself and feel what security and peace mean. Difficult things may happen but the desire for the manifestation of God's image should never be allowed to leave us.

Love is that powerful means that helps us do what we have to. We are not only supposed to accept it from God but also to pass it further on. Every person next to us should be able to sense that God's love is abiding in us. Without that this world will be cold. It will not know what warmth means, the feeling that someone needs you just because of yourself. At the same time that he gives himself , man is being given to himself as well. He is coming closer to his God because every good is from God. Nobody can come to Him just through oneself, but also through the other.



During the month of October at the shrine of Our Lady Queen of Peace in Medjugorje19,000 Holy Communions were distributed and there were 741 concelebrations of holy mass by priests from the homeland and from abroad or an average of 25 daily.


At the invitation of Medjugorje pilgrims and friends of Medjugorje Fr. Slavko Barbaric together with the visionary Marija Pavlovic visited several cities in Italy from Nov 13 - 19. Prayer meetings were held in Trezo d'Adda near Milan, in the Marian shrine of Montenero near Livorno, in Prato near Florence and in the church of St. Martin in Bologna. A great number of the faithful participated in these meetings. During the usual prayer program the visionary Marija gave her testimony to the assembled believers and prayed together with them.

From November 17 - 19 about 200 people participated in a prayer seminar that was held in Cervia near Ancona. The theme was "Mary, Educator for Peace." This meeting began in S. Piero di Bagno (Forli), the native place of Carmelo Puzzolo who sculpted the bronze reliefs of the way of the cross on Cross Mountain as well as the mysteries of the rosary on Apparition Mountain. The seminar began in that parish because a way of the cross identical to the one on Cross Mountain is erected on a hill in the parish. Because of bad weather it was not possible to go up the hill, so prayer was continued in the parish church. The artist himself participated in the seminar with his wife and gave a touching testimony.


As we announced in Press Bulletin No 25 we shall try through this bulletin to introduce to one another the Centers of Peace in the world established through the events at Medjugorje. We shall present them in the order that the same centers communicate the description of their activities to us.

THE MEDJUGORJE APPEAL (Bernard Ellis), Unit J Lambs Business Park, Tilburstow Hill Road, South Godstone, Surrey RH9 8JZ, tel 01342-893-230; fax 01342 893-515. Humanitarian Association Registration number 1014224 with financial funds in Great Britain, Australia, United States and some other countries. It works for aid to innocent victims of war in Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina. This Association assists in the acquisition of vehicles, food, medical equipment etc. At the present time it is occupied with raising funds for the construction of the Mothers' Village in Medjugorje, the Franciscan monastery in Mostar and the purchasing of tents for homeless people. Besides that it endeavors to enable priests, religious and seminarians to come to England to study the English language, providing accommodations and schooling for them.

THE MARIAN SPRING CENTER (Bernard Ellis), Unit J Lambs Business Park, Tilburstow Hill Road, South Godstone, Surrey RH9 8JZ, tel 01342-893-007; fax 01342-893-515. This association works on the distribution of a rich assortment of books, video and audio cassettes, posters, postcards and Christmas cards. All profits are directed toward those who are not able to buy books as well as to the funds of THE MEDJUGORJE APPEAL to help refugees in Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina.


We have established "The MIR' Information Center" of the shrine of the Queen of Peace in Medjugorje with the aim of helping to spread Our Lady's messages. We have always been and always will be at the service of those who have come to our shrine and to everyone around the world. Presently we are trying to broaden our activities with new contents that require new material means. We shall be grateful to those who will help us with it in any way. In your donations simply designate that it is for the Information Center.

We request you to sent your registration for the Prayer-Information Seminar that will be held from March 17 - 21, 1996 at the Hotel "Alga" in Tucepi by the end of January at the latest. Send your registrations by fax number +387-88-642-339 designated for the Information Center.

Simultaneous translation will be organized for all language groups. The price of accommodation, transportation and the seminar is 260 DM (German marks) per person in a double room. Single room supplement is 32 DM. Payment will be made to the organizer of the Seminar upon arrival at the hotel. There is the possibility of organized transfer from the Split airport to Hotel "Alga" in Tucepi. All those who need transportation on March 17 should make known the precise time of their arrival to the "Medjugorje MIR" Association in Split on the fax number +385-21-361-354 by the end of January at the latest. Transportation from Tucepi to Medjugorje will be organized on the last day of the seminar.

The program of the Seminar is found on page 3 of this Press Bulletin

Sunday March 17, 1996
19:00 Holy Mass (Fr. Leonard Orec)
20:00 Dinner

Monday March 18, 1996 07:30 Morning Prayer
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Lecture: Kurt Knotzinger
"God's Word in Our Lady's Messages"
10:00 Group Discussions on the theme of the lecture
11:30 Meeting with the Lecturer
12:30 Lunch
15:00 Lecture: Fr. Ljudevit Rupcic: "With Our Lady Into the Third Millennium"
14:15 Meeting with the Lecturer
17:15 Rosary
18:00 Holy Mass (Fr. Slavko Barbaric)
20:30 Adoration (Fr. Slavko Barbaric)

Tuesday March 19, 1996
07:30 Morning Prayer
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Lecture: Fr. Slavko Barbaric: "Prayer Groups in the Marian Prayer Movement"
10:00 Group Discussions on the theme of the lecture
11:00 Meeting with the Lecturer
12:30 Lunch
15:00 Meeting with the visionaries
16:45 Intermission
17:15 Rosary
18:00 Holy Mass (Fr. Jozo Zovko)
20:30 Meeting with the friars:
(Fr. Jozo Zovko, Fr. Slavko Barbaric, Fr. Leonard Orec, Fr. Miljenko Stojic, Fr. Ivan Landeka)

Wednesday March 20, 1996
07:30 Morning Prayer
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Lecture: Fr. Miljenko Stojic : "The Possibility of Cooperation of the MIR' Information Center with the Other Centers of Peace in the World"
10:00 Intermission
10:30 Meeting with the Lecturer
12:30 Lunch
15:30 Group discussion - Resolutions
16:30 Group meeting - Resolutions
17:15 Rosary
Mass (Fr. Ivan Landeka)
20:30 Experiences - feed back

Thursday March 21, 1996
07:30 Morning Prayer
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Departure for Medjugorje
11:00 Press Conference
12:30 Community Dinner
Departure for Hill of Apparition
Visit to "The Cenacle" Community of Sr. Elvira

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