August 30, 1995




Persecution of Croatians and Muslims from Banja Luka continues to go on. Hundreds of them are arriving every day in Croatia with nothing but a plastic bag in their hand. At the start of the war there were 500,000 Croatians in the Banja Luka diocese. Today there remains about 13,000 of them. All of this has happened in a territory where there was no war at all.

Bishop Franjo Komarica, who fulfilled the duty of being president of the commission for investigation of the events in the parish of Medjugorje, is continuously sending appeals to the world. The world press in general reports nothing on it. Still at work is the cover up of crimes for political motives.


Despite the war in Croatia and the fear some have because of it, the feast of Assumption was solemnly celebrated in our shrine. Pilgrims were present from various parts of the world. About 15,000 people passed through our shrine this day.


There are many young people who are gifted, but due to lack of material means, are not, however, able to develop their capabilities. For that reason the association "Medjugorje Friends of Gifted Youth" was established a few years ago in our shrine to support such young people. The association is organized as the kind that draws its resources from free will contributions.

It has become customary each year also for the scholarship holders of this fund to organize student days. This year they were August 18 - 20. The purpose of these days is also to stimulate others to undertake studies. Those who were the hardest working also received appropriate awards.


In 1933 a cement cross was erected on Cross Mountain which rises up directly behind Medjugorje in thanksgiving for all that God has done for the people of this area. Every year since then a solemn mass is held at that place on the Sunday after Our Lady's birthday.

Through Our Lady's apparitions Cross Mountain is becoming a place of prayer. Thousands and thousands of people treading the hard rock of this mountain bare footed have been coming closer to each other and closer to God. The number of pilgrims grows especially during the days for celebrating the erection of the cross.

This year it will be on September 10 with the solemn mass at 11:00 a.m.

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