August 16, 1995




This year also the already traditional Prayer Youth Festival was held in Medjugorje. It opened July 31 with the theme "Youth with Our Lady for life and peace" and closed early Sunday morning August 6 after a festive Holy Mass on Cross Mountain. About 3,000 youth from all over the world took part in this truly unique meeting of prayer, songs and fellowship. Especially numerous were the youth from Eastern European countries.

At the request of the participants themselves voluntary blood donation for the needs of the Central Blood Bank of Mostar was organized throughout the festival at the shrine of the Queen of Peace. About 130 youth from around the world gave blood. We take this occasion to thank all those who helped the needy in this humanitarian way.


Mrs. Ljilja Vokic, a Croatian Minister in the Government of the Republic of Croatia who has visited Medjugorje several times gave an interview in "Na{a Ogni{ta." Among other things she said: "I accepted Medjugorje from the very beginning of Our Lady's apparitions. I am speaking from my own personal faith experience. My son was sick and with a vow I offered him to Our Lady of Medjugorje: holding him in my arms I will go around Our Lady's statue twenty times on my knees and pray for his health. And Our Lady of Medjugorje heard me. Now the whole world can say whatever it wants. For me God is working in Medjugorje. And then did not Jesus himself say that He is present in the midst of those gathered in His name? And in Medjugorje a multitude of the faithful gathers in the name of the Lord. In Medjugorje God is truly glorified." (Na{a Ogni{ta" no. 7-8, pp 4-5, 1995)


Desiring to produce a report on Medjugorje and so also to get first hand acquaintance with the Medjugorje events, a television team from Portugal visited the shrine of the Queen of Peace at the end of July.


At the invitation of Medjugorje pilgrims and Centers of Peace Fr. Jozo Zovko will visit Australia,New Zealand, Jakarta and Singapore from September 18 to October 4, 1995 as follows:

- September 18-19 Brisbane
- September 27 New Castle
- September 20 Auckland Nth New Castle
- September 21 Lake Taupo/Rotorua
- September 28 Canberra
- September 22 Christchurch
- September 29-30 Sydney
- September 23 Glenorchy
- October 01 Adelaide
- September 24 Melbourne
- October 02 Perth
- September 25 Sunshine, Albury
- October 03 Jakarta
- September 26 Melbourne
- October 04 Singapore

For detailed announcements refer to Mr. Kevin Morley / Mr. Leon LeGrand at tel 03-9755-1003; fax 03-9955-2600


At the end of July Mexican toreador Manuel Capetillo De Flores visited Medjugorje. On the occasion of his visit he said: "I am 38 years old. I am the son of a toreador and one of my brothers works in the same occupation. As a little boy I watched my own father in bull fights, continuously heard stories about bulls and my whole life developed in that world. My dream came true in 1981 when I was promoted to toreador. Now after 15 years I have around 400 fights behind me. Every year I do from 20 to 40 and am myself a toreador who has changed his life."

When asked why and how he came to Medjugorje De Flores said: "In Mexico I heard of Our Lady's apparitions. This is my second visit to Medjugorje. My first time was last year in September. I had some especially profound moments on Apparition Mountain. I remember it was very cold that night, but I felt deep peace and I prayed like never before, with much love. Above all I prayed that through our Lady God would open my heart completely. That happened and although it was a painful experience, it was an experience of profound peace. As a toreador I am known all over the world and that gives me an open door for apostolate. For that very reason I want to continue this work and the rest of the time be an apostle of Our Lady's message of peace. In conclusion I want to say that I experienced Medjugorje as God's biggest "stadium" where, through Our Lady, God is fighting with the evil in us and around us and is filling us with love and joy."

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