August 02, 1995




During July at the Queen of Peace Shrine in Medjugorje 39,500 Holy Communions were distributed and there were 1173 concelebrations at Holy Mass by priests from Croatia and abroad.


Besides being an inexhaustible source of grace and life for millions of pilgrims for its fifteenth year, Medjugorje and the Medjugorje events are an inspiration for numerous musical artists who are moved by its spirituality to perform. Proof of that is the International Music Festival being held for the second year under the title: "Music Days in Medjugorje '95". The Festival is taking place on July 22, 29 and 30. From every aspect it is attractive to composers and, therefore, one producer stated: Even though the competition for the Festival was not aimed toward a religious theme, it is interesting that the composers were all thinking just along that line. It was obviously impossible to escape the spiritual role of Medjugorje as a new Marian shrine that for years is arousing the exceptional interest of the whole world.

During the three evenings of music all the beauties of musical artistry and creativeness could truly be felt. On the first evening of music the "Zagreb Soloisti" and a mixed choir from Croatian Radio and Television performed compositions of serious music under the direction of Maestro Igor Kuljeric. Those works were composed especially for this occasion. On the second evening with the performance of the famous Croatian mass by composer Boris Papandopulo and the premier performance of the Croatian mass by composer Ivan Brkanovic, the audience was introduced to the orchestra and choir of the Croatian National Theater of Split, the academic choir "Ivan Goran Kovacic" from Zagreb and a group of world renowned soloists under the direction of Maestro Vjekoslav Sutej, who is today one of the younger generation's most prestigious directors in the world. On the third evening of music the best known names of the Croatian musical scene performed contemporary spiritual compositions with accompaniment of the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Delo Jusic.


A prayer seminar was held for 20 United States pilgrims from July 12 - 20 at the "Domus Pacis" House of Prayer. Fr. Slavko Barbaric organized and conducted the seminar on the theme "Our Lady's message of peace to the world".


At the Medjugorje shrine on July 20 voluntary donation of blood was organized for the needs of the Blood Bank Center in Mostar. About 40 pilgrims donated blood, of which the largest number were pilgrims from the Czech Republic. These humanitarian actions are frequently held at the shrine of the Queen of Peace at the request of the pilgrims themselves who wish in that way to help the people of our homeland. We would also like to take this opportunity to express heartfelt thanks to all who responded and helped our brothers and sisters in distress.


In Press Bulletin #16 we announced the travel schedule of Fr. Slavko Barbaric which was partly incorrect because of subsequent changes. The exact schedule of his missionary travels is the following:

August 26 - 30 London, England
August-Sept 30 - 3 Linz, Vienna, Austria; Fulda, Germany
September 15 - 24 Belgium
October 06 - 14 Quito, Ecuador; Passau, Germany
October 27 - 30 Dublin, Ireland
November 13 - 20 Italy
Please pardon having to ask you to note these changes of schedule.


At the invitation of Medjugorje pilgrims and Centers of Peace Fr. Jozo Zovko will visit Canada from August 22 to September 5, 1995 as follows:

August 22 - 24 Montreal
August 26 Moncton
August 27 Sydney
August 28 Norval
August 29 Ottawa
August 30 Sudbury
August 31 Toronto
September 1 Winnipeg
September 2 Saskatoon
September 3 Edmonton
September 4 Calgary
September 5 Vancouver and Regina

For detailed announcements refer to Mr. Henry Kovacic, AVE MARIA CENTER FOR PEACE. Tel 416-251-4245; fax 416-253-0480.


Stirred by world news on national television, a large number of pilgrims are interested in knowing the possibility of getting to Medjugorje. By means of this bulletin we make known that pilgrimage to Medjugorje is completely safe because since it is situated far away from the front lines and pilgrims are in no way threatened by any activities of the war. The way to Medjugorje is safe through the Republic of Croatia: by air or boat to Split or on the Adriatic coastal road through Split to Medjugorje.

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