July 12, 2000



"Dear children! Today I call you to prayer. The one who prays is not afraid of the future. Little children do not forget, I am with you and I love you all. Thank you for having responded to my call." June 25, 2000


The man has always wandered what a future holds in store for him? In the past he would merely associate the future with great expectations. but, the contemporary man, although completely focused towards the future, bears many fears for yet pending issues. Indeed, one is to feel frightened at all social levels of incoming uncertainty.

So, the church is bound to challenge: what the future holds in store for her?

In the latest message, the holy mother-queen of peace, has explicitely drawn a link between the two issues: prayer and future; prayer as spiritual mood has strentgh to mould the life, time and future. Martin Luther said on one occasion: today, i am very busy, but i ought to pray at least 5 hours''. An old monk had given yet another reccomendation:''if you cannot pray, if only you go and watch your brother praying''.

Fra Ivan Landeka



The first international donors conference was held on 26 june in Medugorje. Leading idea of the conference, attended by 250 participants from 16 countries was:''Whatever was done to one of my little ones, it was done to me proper...''

The conference was opened by Medugorje parish priest- friar Ivan Landeka, and respectful audience was welcomed by herzegowinian provincial - friar Tomislav Pervan and retired archibishop of split-makarska region- Frane Franic who arrived to Medugorje to witness an event marking the 19th apparitions anniversary. Msgr.Franic has extended his appreciation for devote work and affection, all involved have offered over the past years, bearing in mind, as he highlighted, their work has been inspired and associated with the Medugorje message of peace.

During the day participants of the conference were addressed by friar Leonard Orec sermon: 'From Medugorje to an unfortunate men'', ''what have you done to my little ones'' (friar Slavko Barbaric), ''How to recognize a man in need'' (friar Jozo Zovko).

In the afternoon, benefactors were presenting in a modest way their rather impressive experiences . such a gathering has prompted solid initiative for all to carry on helping out people in need.

Coverage of the conference was available via radio-station ''mir'' and internet.

Following the church program of prayers, the benefactors were welcomed by the organizer and presented with a concert of close-harmony singing performed by groups Cambi, Hrvoje and Cenacolo. Let us take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to all good -hearted people for everything they have done so far. May Lord reward their work and life with holy blessing to give them strentgh to face incoming challenges.


350 croatian soldiers have got together on 28 june in Medugorje. The meeting commenced at 17.30 in front of the church where friar Slavko Barbaric welcomed the soldiers.then, the soldiers joined an evening prayers to say rosaries and to attend the holy mass. In the course of rosary prayer soldiers were given an opportunity to receive a sacrament of reconcilement. The holy mass which was focal point of the event was followed by procession and prayer meetings. On behalf of the sanctuary the meeting was organised by friar Miljenko Stojic.

A brief message of the pilgrimage could be summarized into following words: ...whatever weapons the man may have had, without almighty god he would remain insecure...'' The message certainly got accross among gathered soldiers. their response reflected their understanding.


The fifth interational seminar for priests-eccelesiastics was held in the holy mother sanctuary of Medugorje, from 30 june to 6 july. Almost 300 priests from England, Germany, France, Italy, Slovakia, Poland, America, Romania, Argentina, Russia, Checzk Republic, Mexico, Madeira, Portugal, Brasil, Slovenia, Lithuania, Hungary, Ukraine, Spain, Bosnia&Herzegowina, and Croatia have participated in the workshop of seminar with the topic:''Priest - a messanger of the holy trinity and attendant of holy communion wafer-the body of our Lord''. Sixty polish priests were the largest among groups. The sub-topics on eccelesiastics agenda were :''Jesus, the great priest has offered sacrifice for the sake of humankind-to be crucified'',''Priest-attendant of holy communion wafer'', ''Priest-preacher of the lord's mercy and affection, attendant of holy communion wafer and liberator of all evil mights '', ''Do come to me you exhausted and burdened...''

Over the six days course, priests have attended lectures, meditated, prayed, jointly celebrated the holy masses, and visited the Apparitions hill and Križevac.

On behalf of the sanctuary the seminar was organised and run by friar Slavko Barbaric and speakers were: Daniel Ange, father James Manjackal, Rufus Pereira, father Martin Ramoser, don Cosimo Cavaluzzo, sister Elvira Petrozzi and friar Jozo Zovko.

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