January 12, 2000



"Dear children! This is the time of grace. Little children, today in a special way with little Jesus, whom I hold in my embrace, I am giving you the possibility to decide for peace. Through your 'yes' for peace and your decision for God, a new possibility for peace is opened. Only in this way, little children, this century will be for you a time of peace and well-being. Therefore, put little newborn Jesus in the first place in your life and He will lead you on the way of salvation. Thank you for having responded to my call." December 25, 1999


The Jubilee Year that has begun is, among other things, also called the Lord's "Year of Grace." It has in mind the very broad field of human life and activity which grace encompasses. Still grace is not an inexpensive gift, because it can be threatened, fragile. It is the legacy of God, an undeserved gift. Precisely for that reason with regard to grace there is also a wonderful process between man and God. The primordial human yearning - begun anew - finds in grace the possibility of its realization. In the newer time in Christian spirituality there is all the more talk about the "culture of silence". That culture is generated and formed in the interior and means: to stop dead, to recollect oneself, to take up penance, to want steps of conversion and prayer. Such steps bear works by which we visibly cling to God. Then neither our neighbors nor their difficulties are any bother to us or any "foul play".

Fr. Ivan landeka



During December at the shrine of the Queen of Peace in Medjugorje 67,000 Holy Communions were distributed and at holy masses there were 1,064 concelebrations by priests from home and abroad, that is, 34 priest per day.

During December the most numerous groups were from Korea, Austria, Italy, England, USA, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Brazil, Germany, Canada, Belgium, Letonia, Lebanon, Holland, Poland and, of course, Croatia.

During 1999 in the parish of Medjugorje there were 1,030,000 Holy Communions distributed while there were 23,472 concelebrations by priests at holy masses.


On Saturday December 18 in the "Domus Pacis" house of prayer there gathered for the so-called "Christmas Dinner" all the co-workers of that house who during the year word with pilgrims while they stay for the seminars. During 1999, namely, there were held 57 seminars of various content. The venerable Franciscan Sisters organize monthly meetings for young girls, the

Franciscans for FRAMA (Franciscan Youth) of Hercegovina, the humanitarian organization "Help" which aids youth in the fight against and prevention of addiction. The organizer and leader of these is Fr. Slavko Barbaric.

Also on this occasion we thank all for their cooperation and we recommend them to your prayers for 2000 also to be fruitful for all those who will participate in one or more of this really interesting meetings.


As already for a number of years in a row now, so also this year there was held a prayer vigil for the New Year. It began with prayer at 10 PM and ended with a midnight Holy Mass. About 5000 faithful were present. Again for this occasion the most numerous were the youth coming from practically all European countries and the USA. Thus the parishioners and the pilgrims together saw the Old Year out and ushered in the New Year singing and praying for the peace so much needed for modern man in today's world. How profound the experience is for those who for once await the New Year in Medjugorje in prayer, is shown by the fact that the number of pilgrims for that occasions increases from year to year. All those who come once, come back again. In this uncertain and unpeaceful world youth are still deciding the entrust their future to God.

From December 29th to January 1 st a prayer seminar was conducted for the young members of "Friends of the Talented Fund". They are, namely, the members of the fore-mentioned Foundation which helps them during their studies at different Universities in Bosnia-Hercegovina and Croatia. Already for some years these young people want to start the New Year in the joy of prayer and community. About 70 students from Bosnia-Hercegovina and the Republic of Croatia participated in the seminary. The "Friends of the Talented Fund" organized the seminary and it was conducted by Fr. Slavko Barbaric.


The Eleventh International Youth Prayer Meeting will be held from July 31 - August 6, 2000.

The theme of the meeting is: "The Word became flesh and dwelt among us"

Mon July 31: 6:00 PM Rosary
7:00 PM Mass
10:00 PM Introduction of groups and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament


1. Tue. Aug 1 "The Father's plan - to send Emmanuel!"
4:00 PM Testimonies
6:00 PM Rosary 7:00 Holy Mass
10:00 - 11:30 PM Adoration

2. Wed Aug 2 "Mary - Mother of Emmanuel!"
9:00 AM Morning Prayer
4:00 PM Testimonies
6:00 PM Rosary 7:00 Holy Mass
10:00 - 11:30 PM Adoration

3. Thu Aug 3 - "Jesus - Bread of Life - Way of Bread!"
9:00 AM Morning Prayer
4:00 PM Testimonies
6:00 PM Rosary 7:00 Holy Mass
10:00 - 11:30 PM Adoration
After evening mass Eucharistic Procession through the parish and silent adoration.

4. Fri Aug 4 - "Eucharist - healing for the wounds of soul and body!"
9:00 AM Morning Prayer
4:00 PM Testimonies
6:00 PM Rosary 7:00 Holy Mass
Sr. Elvira, foundress of "Cenacolo"community
9:30 PM Program of Sr. Elvira's community: "Jesus, healer of soul and body!"

5. Sat Aug 5 - "Dear Children, Fall in love with Jesus in the Eucharist!"
9:00 AM Morning Prayer
4:00 PM Testimonies
6:00 PM Rosary 7:00 Holy Mass
6. Sun Aug 6 Cross Mountain: "Go home and become bread for the life of the world!"
3:00 AM Rosary going up Cross Mountain
5:00 AM Holy Mass on Cross Mountain

Presenters at the youth meeting are: Primo Martinuzzi, Wayne Weible, Fr. Francesco Carlino, Fr. Selwaine, Sr. Elvira Petrozzi, Don Cosimo Cavaluzzo, Fr. Jozo Zovko, the visionaries, Fr. Slavko Barbaric and other witnesses.

We recommend you bring along:
1. ear phones and small FM radio
2. Bible
3. umbrella

Persons with classical instruments (violin, flute oboe, etc.), should give notice by fax number 00387-88-651-888. They will be given a room at "Domus Pacis". It is necessary to provide: name and surname, address, age, experience and type of instrument. You will get an answer to your offer.

Groups participating in the Youth Prayer Meeting should not plan any other programs during the week of the youth meeting.

Eucharistic adoration will be take place during the entire meeting.

During the Youth Prayer Meeting from Tuesday to Saturday there will be no morning masses for pilgrims. All pilgrims will there therefore celebrate together at the evening mass. Simultaneous translation will be provided.

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