September 08, 1999




In her message of August 25th Our Lady returns to the theme of the Creator and creation. We have heard about that before in her messages and it is not accidental that Our Lady directs us to know the Creator, the beauty of nature and the harmony of creation. The created world is a part of God's revelation in time and space. Therefore in man's meditation and practice of faith it has an altogether definite place assigned to it. A very great part of mankind today is practically cut off from the environment of nature. This has disturbed the understanding of nature which has become a chance subject. We take it as a partner only for holiday and relaxation. A more confused and hypocritical relationship toward nature calls existence into question. To discover God the Creator is the beginning of a new heart and a new consciousness that our rights over the created world are limited.

Fr. Ivan Landeka



During August in the shrine of the Queen of Peace in Medjugorje 176,000 Holy Communions were distributed and there were 3,980 concelebrations at Holy Mass by priests from home and abroad, that is 128 priests daily.

We will enumerate some of the countries from which pilgrims came to visit Medjugorje during August: Italy, USA, Slovenia, Montenegro, Ireland, Lebanon, Poland, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, France, Austria, Portugal, Korea, England, Romania and, of course, Croatia.


The Anglican bishop, Michael Marshall from England was in Medjugorje on a private visit from August 30th to September 3rd.


The former head of state of the Republic of Italy and life-long senator in the Italian Parliament, Mr. Francesco Cossiga, visited Medjugorje on August 29th. This honored guest and, above all, great Catholic was awaited in front of the parish office by the Medjugorje pastor, Fr. Ivan Landeka, the mayor of Citluk, Mr. Jure Dzida, officers of United Nations units stationed in Bosnia-Hercegovina, and the numerous Italian pilgrims who happened to be in Medjugorje that day.

Francesco Cossiga stayed on for hearty and friendly conversation with the parish personnel. Present for the conversation were members of his escort and newsmen. In his welcoming remarks the Medjugorje pastor, Fr. Ivan Landeka, among other things said that: "... after the civil war in Bosnia-Hercegovina only half of the Catholics remained, expressing gratitude to the Italian pilgrims who to a great degree have built the Medjugorje shrine and been among the first to come to Medjugorje, giving it support in the most difficult moments. The times in which this shrine was born were difficult. The people were subject to repression and those who came from abroad, and especially Italians among them, were a real stronghold of support."

Responding to his welcome, Francesco Cossiga announced that he came to Medjugorje for reasons of faith and said, "It is fortunate that in the modern world a place exists where people can pray. It is a wonder how you have preserved this place of prayer amid the storm that struck Hercegovina. I followed these events carefully and am especially connected to the Croatian people. I came to the Republic of Croatia while the war was still going on so I could give recognition to it. I have come back many times. Croatia has thanked me with honors and the issuing of a diplomatic passport. Thank you for this reception."

Francesco Cossiga was present at the Holy Mass for the Italian faithful led by Fr. Stjepan Krasic, professor at the Dominican University in Rome.


At the Humac Franciscan monastery of St. Anthony in Ljubuski the second annual "Days for Religious in Bosnia-Hercegovina" were held on August 26-27th with the theme "Religious Life - Sign of Holiness and Life of the Church." The seminar was attended by 200 men and women religious.

The first day's first lecture was given by professor Dr. Fr. Ivan Sarcevic of the Sarajevo Franciscan Theology School on the theme "Encounter with the Father: Conversion without mercy - Mercy without conversion." The second lecture was on the theme: "Healing of Memories" held by Dr. Tomislav Ivancic who presided at the Eucharistic celebration.

The second day's meeting began with prayer and a greeting by Fr. Peter Andjelovic, Provincial of the Bosnian Franciscan Province, and lecture by the Provincial of the Franciscan Hercegovina Province, Dr. Fr. Tomislav Pervan on the theme: "Mary - Co-worker of God." The concelebrated mass on the last day was presided at by the local ordinary, Bishop Ratko Peric who in his sermon stressed how persons in the consecrated state of life must in a special way be persons of light.

The men and women religious of the second "Days for Religious" addressed a letter of greetings to the Vrhbosnian Archbishop, His Eminence Cardinal Vinko Puljic.

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