April 26, 1995




Several thousand pilgrims visited Medjugorje during the days of Easter celebration. Besides native pilgrims the most numerous groups were from Italy, France, United States, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Canada, Slovenia and Hungary.


During Lent four seminars on prayer and fasting were organized and conducted by Fr. Slavko Barbari} at the Domus Pacis House of Prayer. About 150 local and foreign participants joined in the courses. The seminars on prayer and fasting are becoming a tradition during Advent and Lent since so many people would like to take part in them. They are truly a chance for plunging into one's own soul and for a sincere and profound observance of Lent.


During the unofficial portion of Pope John Paul II's meeting with a political and ecclesiastical delegation from Croatia held in Rome April 7, the Holy Father, among other things, said there is a possibility of his visiting Croatia again. With that he mentioned the possibility of coming to Split, the Marian Shrine of Marija Bistrica and Medjugorje ("Sl. Dalmacija ", 08.04.1995., page 3)


A great friend of Croatians, Mr. Jim Doyle, prominent scientist and physicist who has successfully worked on numerous inventions, visited Croatia in February. On that occasion he said "I have been to Medjugorje six times. When I fell in love with Our Lady of Medjugorje, I also fell in love with the Croatian people. I am convinced that Our Lady has come to the Croatians out of love for them and so I felt obliged to do something for these people. Therefore, I am donating to Croatia my newest invention, "electronic ear" which will enable the deaf mute to hear. That is why I am here."

In Zagreb on February 17, 1995, together with Fr. Jozo Zovko and his physician brother, Mr. Doyle presented his invention to the medical specialists of the Vinograd Hospital clinic and the "Rudjer Bo{kovi}" Institute of Science. Jim Doyle handed over the license for "electronic ear" to scientists of HAZU and signed a contract with the government of Croatia. The Vice President of HAZU (Croatian Academy of Science and Art), Dr. Ivo Padovan, expressed his gratitude to Mr. Doyle with these words, "I thank you and Fr. Jozo Zovko because all of this would not have happened if it had not been for Medjugorje."


At the invitation of Medjugorje pilgrims Fr. Leonard Orec visited the German city of Fulda from April 7 - 9, 1995 Prayer groups of Medjugorje pilgrims organized the three day seminar on prayer in which 115 participated.


Responding to the invitation of friends of Medjugorje Fr. Jozo Zovko will visit the following cities in the United States:

Orangefield, Texas May 01
Portland, Oregon May 06
Los Angeles, California May 09
Phoenix, Arizona May 12
Chicago, Illinois May 14
New Orleans, Louisiana May 16
Miami, Florida May 18
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania May 19
Providence, Rhode Island May 21
Lowell, Massachusetts May 22
Manhattan, New York May 24
Long Island, New York May 25
In Italy he will visit Turin and Udine from June 8 - 13, 1995


About 10,000 spectators were present to participate in the American and Canadian premiers of the Croatian producer Jakov Sedlar's movie Gospa', held respectively on April 9, 10, 11 in New York, Toronto and Detroit. The film had its European premier performance in Zagreb and then in several Croatian cities.


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