April 12, 1995


Dear friends!

Easter is again before us! May the feast we are about to commemorate not be just one more celebration among other feasts in a row, but rather a celebration of the fact that we have been able to change with the help of our God.

We know you are capable of that. You have already proven it by coming here to Medjugorje, going to confession and by praying for peace in your own soul and for peace in the world. You are that yeast that will be the leaven in this world. The world cannot change without you. Our Lady has often spoken to us about that and invited us to be missionaries in this world.

In this Press Bulletin of ours we have tried to keep abreast of your coming and the fruits you have harvested in your encounter with God. Naturally, it has managed barely to scratch the surface of that treasure. Only you and God know the depth and the greatness of that encounter. We shall endeavor still more to continue being of service to all of you. With your contributions, news items and suggestions you can take part in the shaping of this publication. That way all of us together can contribute toward the purity and health of the message of God imparted to us by Our Lady.

Do not let anything hinder you. Persevere in helping the message of God to reach every heart. Then this world of ours in which we live will be more sane and more beautiful. A Blessed and Happy Feast of Easter to all of you!




During the seminar just held in Ba ka Voda, the following was adopted:


At the international symposium held in Ba ka Voda from April 2- 6, 1995, seventy leaders of prayer groups and centers of peace from 15 states, four visionaries and the priests who work in Medjugorje participated. After hearing the lectures, exchanging ideas and experiences and praying together, taking into consideration all the criteria: regarding the visionaries, the messages of Our Lady and the fruits of those messages in the lives of the faithful throughout the whole world, we are even more convinced that the Medjugorje apparitions are a gift of God for our times. They are an encouragement for the people of God in these times of trouble and turmoil, an impulse and direction to the Church in her search for the ways of new evangelization on the approach to the third millennium. Our Lady's message are not a new revelation, but new help for Revelation to be grasped in a new way and to be incorporated in new times. In them are contained, in some sense, concrete answers to the most recent documents of Pope John Paul II. Accordingly, we recommend to all prayer groups and centers of peace:

- That in Our Lady's messages they see a call to and direction toward the only Savior Jesus Christ, the author and perfecter of salvation;

- That they always keep in their heart concern for the Church, for which Mary is Mother, model, exemplar and final goal of her journey through time;

- That they especially do everything so that through them, the local Church may experience the fruits of conversion and peace;

- That in the context of Our Lady's messages they be open to the signs of today's world and times, in order to be a sign of hope and a place of security for all men amid modern problems and uncertainties;

- That they do everything in love and understanding to overcome mutual disagreements so as altogether to serve better the great good of peace.


About 5000 pilgrims from ten different countries came to Medjugorje for the feast of the Annunciation on March 25.


Medjugorje's pastor, Fr. Ivan Landeka and Fr. Jozo Zovko went to Austria and Germany at the invitation of pilgrims and friends of Medjugorje. Through five days in Austria, Fr, Ivan visited the cities of Innsbruck, Leonding and Oberportdorf. A great number of faithful participated in the prayer meetings at which Fr. Ivan spoke about the Medjugorje message of peace. Fr. Jozo met with pilgrims and friends of Medjugorje in the German cities of Munich, Frankfurt, Koln and Achen. A large number of faithful participated in the prayer meetings with the desire of getting better acquainted with the message of Medjugorje given by Our Lady to the world. During his next missionary trip from May 18 - 22, 1995, Fr. Jozo will visit Padua, Bologna, Ferrara and Reggio in Italy and Lugano in Switzerland.


At His general audience Wednesday March 2, 1995, the Holy Father, John Paul II met with 310 disabled Croatian war veterans. The visionary Vicka was among those who accompanied them. The Pope recognized her when she presented him with a rosary blessed by Our Lady specifically for the Holy Father. He said to Vicka, "Pray for me and I will pray for you." Then she accompanied the Pope and helped introduce the most severe cases as he visited each one.


Sr. Elvira Petrozzi, founder of the community "Cenacolo," was invited to the ordinary session of the Croatian Bishops' Conference on March 16, 1995. One of the topics discussed was "The Problem of the Drug Addiction in Croatia." For an hour and a half she gave her testimony on the life of her community. She began by saying: "The healing of the drug addicted is in your hands. You must totally dedicate yourselves to them, but you must realize it is Christ that is working through you. You must letthe Holy Spirit lead you and make it possible to save the youth, without any interests or personalambitions, never expecting the person's gratitude. Otherwise, you will never have any results." We should add that this community has the highest rate of success. Of the youth who join the community 85% have left rehabilitated, thanks to its lifestyle.


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