November 23, 1994


Dear friends of Medjugorje!

The Rectory of Medjugorje has formed "MIR" - The Information Center of the Shrine of the Queen of Peace, whose goal is to collect and spread the authentic information related to the events of the Parish of Medjugorje regarding the church, the Hill of Apparitions and Mount Krizevac. Why?

Thirteen and a half years ago, amidst the darkness and the hopelesness of modern civilization, Medjugorje glittered as a precious stone and the Light shining from it, lit the whole world. The fruits from Medjugorje are indisputable, but... These are still times in which the words love and reconciliation, justice and love of truth are easily pronounced and heard with joy, but rarely practiced and lived. Many people live like a river that flows without an aim, not knowing always where it is going or why. There is much written and spoken about Medjugorje, sometimes incorrectly, which could be damaging to the spirituality of Medjugorje and to all those that love Medjugorje or are still searching for it.

This is why we will try to offer the necessary informaiton regarding the events of Medjugorje. We are beginning with the inaguration of this bulletin which will be published every two weeks on Wednesdays. We ask you to please help us in any way possible. Knowing you, we realize that it will make you happy to transmit the messages and the truth about Medjugorje to all those who love Medjugorje and to those who are still to know it. We are counting with your love and your strength totally convinced that you will do whatever possible to spread this bulletin.

We also ask you to please inform us on any information regarding the events of Medjugorje that you may come into contact with, whether they are true or not, and also to send us any newspaper or other publications printed in your country that speak about Medjugorje or explain it. (Fax 088/624 709)

Since Medjugorje is an "oasis in the dessert" we wish that "MIR" - The Information Center of the Shrine of the Queen of Peace will be the light of its truth which will guide all brothers and sisters on the path of a new life, a life of love, reconciliation and communion.

May the blessing and the peace of God be with us!

Fr. Miljenko Stojic
Fr. Slavko Barbaric
Marija Dugandgic
Milona von Habsburg
s. Emmanuel Maillard
s.Lidija Paris
Stipe Cavar
Marijan Sivric

Published by: INFORMATIVNI CENTAR MIR - Svetiste Kraljice Mira (Information Center MIR - Shrine of the Queen of Peace), 88266 Medjugorje.
Director: fra Miljenko Stojic.
Information Office: 00387-36-651-988
Parish Office: 00387-36-650-206; 650-310; 651-333
Fax: 00387-36-651-444
Radio: 00387-36-651-100; fax 651-300
E-mail: medjugorje-mir@medjugorje.hr; Internet: http://www.medjugorje.hr
Automatic Message: 060-325-325. By calling this number you can hear the latest message of Our Lady in Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland and Germany, as well as also the meditation and the news from Medjugorje which is updated every Wednesday.

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